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Thursday, May 16

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(Architecture) Hold My Beer: A Team-Based Approach for Addressing the Complexity of Conditions at Monument Hill State Historic Site, Texas's Oldest Brewery Salon A1, Uncas BallroomSherry (Nicky) DeFreece Emery AIA • Frances Gale (Book and Paper) Combining Traditional Thinking and Innovative Methods On the Conservation Of Chinese Hanging Scroll – A Case Study From the National Palace Museum Collections Earth Ballroom ASun-Hsin Hung (Collection Care) When It’s too Big! Moving and Safeguarding Three Oversize Native American Objects During Renovations at the Denver Art Museum Salon A2-A3, Uncas BallroomGina J. Laurin • Sarah E. Melching (Objects and Research and Technical Studies) A Preliminary Investigation Into the Use Of Laser Cleaning to Stabilize Bronze Disease Salon B1, Uncas BallroomEmily Frank • Michaela Paulson • Pablo Londero • Carol E. Snow (Paintings) Shimmering Still Life: Exploring Cornelis de Heem's Remarkable Use of Orpiment from his Period in The Hague Salon B2, Uncas BallroomEllen Nigro • Dr. Ralph Haswell • Dr. Annelies van Loon • Sabrina Meloni (Photographic Materials) Analytical Testing of Heat and Solvent Set Repair Tissues Nehantic/Pequot/Paugussett RoomsJennifer K. Herrmann • Katherine Kelly-[PA] • Alisha Chipman • Kate Morrison Danzis • Andrew Davis • Yasmeen Khan • Steven Loew • Tamara Ohanyan • Lauren M. Varga • Anne Witty • Michele Youket (Textiles) Flax and Hemp? A Holistic Approach to Fiber Identification Oneida/Penobscot RoomsRunying Chen (Wooden Artifacts) Analysis of Black Resin of a Late Period Coffin by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Abenaki RoomAbdelmoniem M. Abdelmoniem • Naglaa Mahmoud • Wael S. Mohamed

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(Architecture) A Comparative Finish Investigation of Vernacular Wood Structures at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village Alberta Salon A1, Uncas BallroomEvan Oxland (Book and Paper) Whistler’s Little Game: Watercolor Materials and Technique Earth Ballroom AEmily Klayman Jacobson-[PA] • Blythe McCarthy (Collection Care) Reducing Interaction for Increased Support: Utilizing Balsite® Putty for Spacers in Micro-Climated Warped Panel Paintings Salon A2-A3, Uncas BallroomBlair Bailey • Dr. Christina Bisulca • James Storm (Objects and Research and Technical Studies) Miniature Wax Sculptures At the Philadelphia Museum Of Art: A Technical Study, Treatment, and Gallery Presentation Salon B1, Uncas BallroomNicole Passerotti • Kate Duffy • Alexandra Letvin • Melissa Meighan • Beth A. Price (Paintings) Technical Study of a Painting Attributed to Honoré Daumier at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Salon B2, Uncas BallroomMary Schafer-[PA] • Aimee Marcereau DeGalan • Louisa Smieska • John Twilley • Arthur Woll (Photographic Materials) Biodegradation Study on Photographic Archive of Khedive Ismail Pasha Back to 19th Century Nehantic/Pequot/Paugussett RoomsRasha A. Shaheen • Mohamed Hendy (Textiles) Wild Orchids For Textile Conservation – Considerations On Sustainability Oneida/Penobscot RoomsHector Manuel Meneses Lozano (Wooden Artifacts) Strengthen Methylcellulose with Nanocellulose for High Relative Humidity Abenaki RoomKarolina Soppa • Elisa S. Carl • Thomas Geiger • Kevin Kohler

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(Collection Care) Storing Systems for Mummy Bundles of Big Dimensions from Peru (11:10-11:20am) Salon A2-A3, Uncas BallroomRubén Héctor Buitron Picharde (Collection Care) Three Part Storage/Handling Mount System (11:00-11:10am) Salon A2-A3, Uncas BallroomT. Ashley McGrew (Architecture) A 20th Century Stained Glass Treatment Salon A1, Uncas BallroomMariana Wertheimer (Book and Paper) Repairing A 52-Pound Antiphonary At the University Of Chicago Earth Ballroom AAnn L. Lindsey • Melina Avery (Objects and Research and Technical Studies) Examining the Use Of Ozone Test Strips to Detect PVC Plastics In Museums Salon B1, Uncas BallroomMary Coughlin • Gwénaëlle Kavich • G. Asher Newsome • Qiuhui Wang (Paintings) Hazy Conditions: Revealing the Materials and Techniques of Edwin Austin Abbey's Efflorescing Oil Studies and Exploring New Approaches to Treatment Salon B2, Uncas BallroomKelsey Wingel • Aniko Bezur • Richard R. Hark • Pablo Londero • Katherine Schilling • Cynthia Schwarz (Photographic Materials) Specular Reflection FTIR for Chemical Analysis of Historic Photographs Nehantic/Pequot/Paugussett RoomsArthur McClelland • Elena Bulat (Textiles) Pressed and Presented: Pressure Mounting Textiles, History and Current Practice Oneida/Penobscot RoomsCathleen Zaret (Wooden Artifacts) Characterizing Asian Lacquer Surfaces Using Surface Metrology and Multimodal Imaging Techniques: A New Approach Abenaki RoomPatrick Ravines • Marianne Webb • Jiuan Jiuan Chen • David Sheets

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Exhibit Hall - Break Salon C & D, Uncas Ballroom 01. Comparison of Image Processing Techniques to Evaluate the Cleaning Efficiency of Gecko Microdusters on Acrylic Paint Surfaces Uncas Ballroom FoyerGenevieve Antoine • Pablo Londero • Cynthia Schwarz 02. Defining Value: The Identification Processes for Religious Heritage Sites and the Case of La Candelaria, an Indigenous Church of Sabaya in Oruro, Bolivia Uncas Ballroom FoyerXimena Baldivieso 03. PL-FTIR Microscopy, an Essential Tool for the Cleaning of a Painting of Dubious Attribution Uncas Ballroom FoyerMariana Calderón • Noemi Elisa Mastrangelo • Dolores González Pondal 04. Characterizing Different UVA Lamps Uncas Ballroom FoyerJiuan Jiuan Chen • Anna Ersenkal • Grace Walters 05. Conservation and NAGPRA: Ongoing Developments and Suggestions Uncas Ballroom FoyerCatherine Cooper • Dr. Nancy Odegaard • Gina Marie Watkinson 06. Chemical Stability of 3D Printed Materials Uncas Ballroom FoyerJames Davis 07. Exploring New Materials for Compensation of Losses to Gilded Surfaces Uncas Ballroom FoyerHarral DeBauche 08. From Mangled to Bangle: Reconstructing a Pair of Etruscan Bracelets Uncas Ballroom FoyerKathryn G. Etre 09. The Night Mississippi Went Dry: Dissolving a Vinegar Mother in a Sealed Champagne Bottle Uncas Ballroom FoyerKathryn G. Etre 10. Cleaning Strategies and Techniques for Pre-Hispanic Funerary Bundles Uncas Ballroom FoyerSelene Figueroa 11. Partnering with Senior Engineering Students: Design and Prototype Building of Document Encapsulator Uncas Ballroom FoyerJeanne Goodman • Julie Mosbo 12. The Evolution of Multi-Disciplinary Training at the National School for Conservation, Restoration and Museography (ENCRyM-INAH) Uncas Ballroom FoyerEstibaliz Guzman 13. The Cantilever Test and Its Application in Libraries and Archives Uncas Ballroom FoyerAndrea KI Hall • Dr. Patricia McGuiggan • Alessandro Scola 14. A Local Mending Technique for a Japanese Screen Uncas Ballroom FoyerHeather Hendry • Juliet Baines • Jessica Silverman • Sigourney M. Smuts 15. The Leather Discussion Group: A Group Effort to Understand the Material Properties of All Leathers, Both Old and New Uncas Ballroom FoyerHolly Herro • Katie C. Wagner • Kristi Wright 16. A Project with Potential: Evaluating a New Monitoring System for Artifacts Undergoing Electrochemical Treatment Uncas Ballroom FoyerWilliam Hoffman • Molly McGath 17. Know When to Say When: Who Am I to Represent for to Compensate the Void? Treatment and Remounting for a Chinese Qin Dynasty Ancestor Portrait Painting Uncas Ballroom FoyerYi-Hsia Hsiao 18. Antiphonary Refrain: A Responsory of Bibliography, Conservation, and Digital Scholarship Uncas Ballroom FoyerClara Huisman • Jiuan Jiuan Chen • Gary Frost • Aaron Shugar • Theresa J. Smith 19. Walcott House’s Social Impact on Saint Lucia Uncas Ballroom FoyerGermaine Joseph 20. Creative Approaches to Integrated Pest Management: Engaging Museum Staff and Creating Buy-In Uncas Ballroom FoyerAbbie Kundishora 21. A Simple Screen Printing Technique for Loss Compensation on Paper Objects and Bindings Uncas Ballroom FoyerKatherine Lechuga • Lindsey Zachman 22. New Fixation Methodologies for Severe Pictorial Detachments: ‘Storm’ of Pío Collivadino Uncas Ballroom FoyerPaola Rojo • Noemi Elisa Mastrangelo 23. ‘Los Olvidados’ between Preventive Conservation and Decision-Making Uncas Ballroom FoyerAna Lizeth Mata Delgado 24. Structural Conservation of a Late 16th-Early 17th Century Panel Attributed to Paul Brill Uncas Ballroom FoyerJen Munch • Fiona Beckett 25. Updating a Conservation Lab: Different Approaches to Redesign and Renovation Uncas Ballroom FoyerKim Knox Norman • Bryan L. W. Draper • L. Suzanne Kellerman • William Minter 26. Collection Care Solutions for Plastics in Library and Archival Collections Uncas Ballroom FoyerJessica L. Pace • Joy Bloser 27. Book Conservation Education in the US vs UK Uncas Ballroom FoyerHeather Parks 28. A Simple Detection Method Using Ultraviolet Radiation to Locate Copper (I) Cyanide Residues on Antiquity Bronze Uncas Ballroom FoyerJiuan Jiuan Chen • Nicole Passerotti • Rebecca Ploeger • Jonathan Thornton 29. PROfab Textile Paints: A Fabulous Alternative to Dyeing? Uncas Ballroom FoyerJacquelyn Peterson-Grace 30. In-Depth Technical Analysis and Treatment of a Floral Still Life Painting Uncas Ballroom FoyerElizabeth Robson • Fiona Beckett • Jiuan Jiuan Chen • Aaron Shugar 31. Advocating/Engaging: Unpacking Public Outreach and Participation in Conservation Practice Uncas Ballroom FoyerNetanya Shephard Schiff 32. A Case Study for the Practical Considerations of an Affordable Infrared Camera Conversion Uncas Ballroom FoyerPaige Schmidt • Molly McGath 33. Developing a ‘Low Tech’ Methodology for Digital Image Correlation Analysis of Textile Samples Uncas Ballroom FoyerHannah Sutherland 34. Remaining Flexible: Managing and Monitoring Elastomers Within a Contemporary Collection Uncas Ballroom FoyerClaire Taggart • Briana Feston-Brunet 35. The Bindings of the Rare and Special Books Collection from the Oswaldo Cruz’s House: A Study for Its Preservation Uncas Ballroom FoyerAna Roberta Tartaglia 36. Medical Equipment for Safety Purposes in a Conservation Center Uncas Ballroom FoyerViviana van Vliet 37. An Evaluation of the Efficacy of Agar Gel as a Cleaning Method for Ceramic Objects Uncas Ballroom FoyerPingfang Wang 38. Renovation of a Historic Alcohol House Uncas Ballroom FoyerGretchen Anderson 39. Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy as a Minimally Invasive Method for Definitive Identification of Organic Colorants on Paper Uncas Ballroom FoyerLyndsay N Kissell • Samantha Springer 40. Final Pieces of the Ptolemy Puzzle Uncas Ballroom FoyerSylvia Albro-[PA] • John Bertonaschi • Cindy Connelly Ryan 41. Characterization of Four Modern Papers Uncas Ballroom FoyerCarolyn Burns • Jiuan Jiuan Chen • Rebecca Ploeger • Aaron Shugar • Theresa J. Smith 41. Characterization of Four Modern Tracing ‘Papers’ Uncas Ballroom FoyerCarolyn Burns 42. Building Structural Issues and the Complexities of Moving a Bibliographic and Record Collection at Instituto Moreira Salles Uncas Ballroom FoyerEllen R. Ferrando 43. Impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on the Heritage of Several Caribbean Islands Uncas Ballroom FoyerValerie Martens-Monier 44. It Works! First Steps Towards a New Gel Based Treatment for Salt Extraction in Archaeological Pottery Uncas Ballroom FoyerMichele Dinator 45. Maria Augusta Rui Barbosa’s Kimonos: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration as a Form of Preservation Uncas Ballroom FoyerGabriela Lúcio de Sousa 46. Flying over the Walls of Resistance: About Virtualization Strategies, Conservation and Memories of the Borgoño Quarter Uncas Ballroom FoyerDaniela Bracchitta 47. The Impact of MMT Clay Nanoparticle on the Treatment of Historical Textile Using Paraloid B-72 Uncas Ballroom FoyerProf. Dr. Harby Ezzeldeen Ahmed 48. Traditional Infilling Methods for a 16th-century Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Uncas Ballroom FoyerZhichao Lyu • Xiangmei Gu 49. An Evaluation of Damage to a Variety of Paper due to Gamma Irradiation Followed by Natural Aging Uncas Ballroom FoyerDr. Louise Pasternack • Andrea KI Hall • Nancy Mccall • Dr. Patricia McGuiggan 50. Color and Material Appearance Imaging and Archiving Using a Sony α7R III Camera Uncas Ballroom FoyerOlivia Kuzio • Prof. Roy S. Berns 50. Color and Material-Appearance Imaging and Archiving Using a Sony Alpha a7R III Camera Uncas Ballroom FoyerOlivia Kuzio • Prof. Roy S. Berns 51. Using Inkjet Printing out Copy Technology to Restore and Conserve the Cover of the Photograph Albums Uncas Ballroom FoyerSu-Yuan Cheng • Hsuan-Yu Chen 52. Reconsidering of Preventive Conservation Guidelines in a University Museum: A Case Study from China Uncas Ballroom FoyerDr. Nan Feng 54. Use of Analytical Techniques for the Study of Archaeological Objects of the Ethnographic Museum ‘Juan B. Ambrosetti’ Uncas Ballroom FoyerGabriela Ammirati 55. Working within the Melting Pot: Art/Artists/Curators/Conservators Uncas Ballroom FoyerViviana Dominguez • Dimitra Pantoulia 56. Repairing Archives – Does It Do Good or Harm? Uncas Ballroom FoyerAngela Wai-sum Liu 57. Introducing the CAN Project: Cellulose Acetate & Nitrate Management, Analysis and Preservation Uncas Ballroom FoyerLucilla Ronai • Dr. Elizabeth Carter • Nicholas Flood • Agata Rostek-Robak 58. Varnished Wall Maps: Attempt If You Dare Uncas Ballroom FoyerJohanna Pinney • Abby Schleicher 61. Life in Beads: Conservation of North-American Clothing Uncas Ballroom FoyerRicardo Reis Vieira 63. Going Green: Using Nontoxic Catechin to Treat Denaturation in Leather and Skin Materials Uncas Ballroom FoyerMari Hagemeyer

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