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Thursday, May 16

8:30am EDT

9:00am EDT

(Architecture) Hold My Beer: A Team-Based Approach for Addressing the Complexity of Conditions at Monument Hill State Historic Site, Texas's Oldest Brewery Salon A1, Uncas BallroomSherry (Nicky) DeFreece Emery AIA • Frances Gale (Book and Paper) Combining Traditional Thinking and Innovative Methods On the Conservation Of Chinese Hanging Scroll – A Case Study From the National Palace Museum Collections Earth Ballroom ASun-Hsin Hung (Collection Care) When It’s too Big! Moving and Safeguarding Three Oversize Native American Objects During Renovations at the Denver Art Museum Salon A2-A3, Uncas BallroomGina J. Laurin • Sarah E. Melching (Objects and Research and Technical Studies) A Preliminary Investigation Into the Use Of Laser Cleaning to Stabilize Bronze Disease Salon B1, Uncas BallroomEmily Frank • Michaela Paulson • Pablo Londero • Carol E. Snow (Paintings) Shimmering Still Life: Exploring Cornelis de Heem's Remarkable Use of Orpiment from his Period in The Hague Salon B2, Uncas BallroomEllen Nigro • Dr. Ralph Haswell • Dr. Annelies van Loon • Sabrina Meloni (Photographic Materials) Analytical Testing of Heat and Solvent Set Repair Tissues Nehantic/Pequot/Paugussett RoomsJennifer K. Herrmann • Katherine Kelly-[PA] • Alisha Chipman • Kate Morrison Danzis • Andrew Davis • Yasmeen Khan • Steven Loew • Tamara Ohanyan • Lauren M. Varga • Anne Witty • Michele Youket (Textiles) Flax and Hemp? A Holistic Approach to Fiber Identification Oneida/Penobscot RoomsRunying Chen (Wooden Artifacts) Analysis of Black Resin of a Late Period Coffin by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Abenaki RoomAbdelmoniem Mohammed • Naglaa Mahmoud • Wael S. Mohamed

9:30am EDT

(Architecture) A Comparative Finish Investigation of Vernacular Wood Structures at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village Alberta Salon A1, Uncas BallroomEvan Oxland (Book and Paper) Whistler’s Little Game: Watercolor Materials and Technique Earth Ballroom AEmily Klayman Jacobson-[PA] • Blythe McCarthy (Collection Care) Reducing Interaction for Increased Support: Utilizing Balsite® Putty for Spacers in Micro-Climated Warped Panel Paintings Salon A2-A3, Uncas BallroomBlair Bailey • Dr. Christina Bisulca • James Storm (Objects and Research and Technical Studies) Miniature Wax Sculptures At the Philadelphia Museum Of Art: A Technical Study, Treatment, and Gallery Presentation Salon B1, Uncas BallroomNicole M Passerotti • Cathleen Duffy • Alexandra Letvin • Melissa Meighan • Beth A. Price (Paintings) Technical Study of a Painting Attributed to Honoré Daumier at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Salon B2, Uncas BallroomMary Schafer-[PA] • Aimee Marcereau DeGalan • Louisa Smieska • John Twilley • Arthur Woll (Photographic Materials) Biodegradation Study on Photographic Archive of Khedive Ismail Pasha Back to 19th Century Nehantic/Pequot/Paugussett RoomsRasha A. Shaheen • Mohamed Hendi (Textiles) Wild Orchids For Textile Conservation – Considerations On Sustainability Oneida/Penobscot RoomsHector Manuel Meneses Lozano (Wooden Artifacts) Strengthen Methylcellulose with Nanocellulose for High Relative Humidity Abenaki RoomKarolina Soppa • Elisa S. Carl • Thomas Geiger • Kevin Kohler

10:00am EDT

10:30am EDT

10:45am EDT

10:50am EDT

11:00am EDT

(Collection Care) Storing Systems for Mummy Bundles of Big Dimensions from Peru (11:10-11:20am) Salon A2-A3, Uncas BallroomRubén Héctor Buitron Picharde (Collection Care) Three Part Storage/Handling Mount System (11:00-11:10am) Salon A2-A3, Uncas BallroomT. Ashley McGrew (Architecture) A 20th Century Stained Glass Treatment Salon A1, Uncas BallroomMariana Wertheimer (Book and Paper) Repairing A 52-Pound Antiphonary At the University Of Chicago Earth Ballroom AAnn L. Lindsey • Melina Avery (Objects and Research and Technical Studies) Examining the Use Of Ozone Test Strips to Detect PVC Plastics In Museums Salon B1, Uncas BallroomMary Coughlin • Gwénaëlle Kavich • G. Asher Newsome • Qiuhui Wang (Paintings) Hazy Conditions: Revealing the Materials and Techniques of Edwin Austin Abbey's Efflorescing Oil Studies and Exploring New Approaches to Treatment Salon B2, Uncas BallroomKelsey Wingel • Aniko Bezur • Richard R. Hark • Pablo Londero • Katherine Schilling • Cynthia Schwarz (Photographic Materials) Specular Reflection FTIR for Chemical Analysis of Historic Photographs Nehantic/Pequot/Paugussett RoomsArthur McClelland • Elena Bulat (Textiles) Pressed and Presented: Pressure Mounting Textiles, History and Current Practice Oneida/Penobscot RoomsCathleen Zaret (Wooden Artifacts) Characterizing Asian Lacquer Surfaces Using Surface Metrology and Multimodal Imaging Techniques: A New Approach Abenaki RoomPatrick Ravines • Marianne Webb • Jiuan Jiuan Chen • David Sheets

11:10am EDT

11:15am EDT

11:30am EDT

12:00pm EDT

1:00pm EDT


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