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Abdelmoniem Mohammed

Fayoum University
Al Qalyubiyah, Egypt
Abdelmoniem Mohammed is a Demonstrator in the Faculty of Archaeology at Fayoum University where he has been since 2016. His research interests include the treatment and maintenance of archaeological wood covered with a layer of black resin, investigation and analysis of archaeology, modern techniques in recording and documenting of archaeology. He has taken courses in modern methods in the treatment and maintenance of stones and carvings and murals with some scientific applications of Saqqara monuments and in detecting the falsification of antiquities held at the Research and Conservation Center at the Faculty of Archaeology Fayoum University. He is a has membership in associations and has attended conferences and various programs for archaeological awareness.  the creativity of Youth Forum held in Center House from 28 to 30 June 2015 in workshop : Visual Arts-printing and engraving on a linoleum (a grant from the European Union). He has a certificate in the restoration and maintenance of wood and stone artifacts. He has a certificate of appreciation from the military museum for the dedication in the military museum library service. He has experience with AutoCAD 2D.

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